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Borghese Legal, Ltd. is a Las Vegas, Nevada law firm focused on trademarks, copyrights, technology, and transactional law.

The firm's services include trademark and copyright filing, domain name dispute resolution, and contract negotiation and drafting.

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Client Focused

  • Efficient: Utlizing experience and technology to complete work promptly.
  • Professional:Working with you to achieve your business goals.
  • Affordable: Completing work on budget and for a lower fee than larger law firms.

Since 1997, Mark Borghese has practiced law at a national level, assisting businesses and individuals in legal matters from Las Vegas, Nevada to Washington, D.C.   The firm's experience also stretches internationally including managing worldwide intellectual property portfolios.

Trade Names

Incorporating a company may show when you first started using a trade name, but does not grant you any particular trademark rights. There is a distinction between a trademark and a trade name. A trade name can act as a trademark, but does not always.

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Copyright in Forigen Works

The United States is a party to the Berne Convention, an international copyright union adopted by 165 countries. Under the Berne Convention, all party countries must recognize the copyright of works of authors from every other Berne Convention country. Under the Berne Convention copyright is automatic and does not require formal registration.

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Domain Name Disputes

The firm protects owners of marks from cybersquatters as well as protecting legitimate domain name holders from reverse domain name hijacking.

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Trademark Filings

Borghese Legal, Ltd. works with companies and individuals all over the United States helping them register their trademarks, servicemarks, and slogans.

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Contract Drafting

The firm drafts a wide range of intellectual property licenses, employee and contractor agreements, and general business agreements.

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Rights of Publicity

The firm helps protect the rights of individuals whose name, voice, signature, photograph, or likeness has commercial value. The firm assists individuals and estates of individuals in registering and protecting these valuable rights.

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Non-Infringement Opinions

Borghese Legal, Ltd. provides complete trademark and copyright reviews and non-infringement opinions. The firm will compare the client’s trademarks and creative works with its competitors to determine what risks exist and the likelihood of a successful infringement action.

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